Newly Arrived from L.T. Wright: Canadian Belt Knife

I bought my first LT Wright knife.

I got a text from David over the weekend alerting me to a fairly exclusive opportunity. Apparently L.T. Wright has made a limited run of a small Canadian Belt Knife which, so far, have only been made available for sale at gun/knife shows where they are exhibiting. (If you are a member of The Pout House – LTWK’s paid access private forum – you have the chance to buy items from the table even if not physically at the show -DCA). I jumped at the chance to finally acquire a fine example of the style, rather than the sub-par offering from Cold Steel.

I have been on a mission to get a real Canadian Belt Knife. Frankly, the Cold Steel sucks. I know I could have just ordered a Grohmann, which I still very well might, but what is the fun in that? I am at the point in my knife collecting (when did I cross the collector threshold?) where if I am going to spend more than $75 or so on a knife (in this case $165), I want to have a connection to the maker. L.T. has been a great supporter of TTAK, and David in particular has cultivated several personal relationships with L.T. and his staff. It is through these connections that I had the opportunity to purchase this knife. David believes it is only the 3rd one that has been sold. (At least it is only the third I have seen pop up on the Pout House “show threads” -DCA)


The knife is nimble and feels wonderful in the hand.

L.T.’s interpretation of the style is a robust knife in a small package. It is 7 1/4″ overall with a 3 1/4″, saber-ground blade.  It is made from D2 steel, with ironwood scales. Adding to the aesthetic of this knife are the G10 inserts between the tang and the scales. It really is a beautiful knife.


It is a robust knife for its size. About twice as thick as a nickle. And made from D2 steel.

The ergonomics are wonderful. L.T. opted to smooth out the belly of the handle, omitting the more angular handle typical of the style. It still has good palm swell and fits my medium sized hand nicely.


I cut up a couple of pounds of strawberries this evening.


It is nimble in the hand, and I imagine that this will be one heck of a birding knife. I will be sure to cut up a couple of cornish game hens in testing. I did cut up 2 lbs. of strawberries this evening to give the knife a try.


I added a loop of paracord to facilitate drawing the knife.

The sheath is incredibly robust. It has a deep pocket which secures the knife well, though I needed to add a small loop of paracord to facilitate drawing the knife. It has a hanging loop, that carries low and quite comfortably. The sheath can also be directly threaded onto a belt, but the hang loop remains. I opted for low carry for the 5 hours I wore the knife this afternoon.


The sheath can be hung from, or strapped directly to one’s belt

I love this knife. It is a bit small for wood processing, so it doesn’t quite suite my guiding needs, but as I mentioned it should be a phenomenal small-game knife. I am excited to get to use it.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Well, dang it, test the knife and do a comparo with the others you have, and tell us why the Cold Steel leaves you cold.

  2. Robert H says:

    Not digging the green spacers, but dare I say that’s an ugly/sexy knife?? I’m so confused right now.

  3. stuartb says:

    Looks stunning, but wonder if it would be more practical with a slightly larger blade, it seems undersized to what I have in mind for what a Canadian belt knife should be?

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Newly Arrived from L.T. Wright: Canadian Belt Knife

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