NH Clerk wins game of “Mine’s Bigger” with would-be robber


Dawn Khawaja pulled this knife when a would-be robber pulled a 3″ one.

Chalk one up for Mall-Ninja knives. The one pictured above was given to Dawn Khawaja following a string of nearby robberies. She pulled it out when a would-be robber drew a 3″ knife and tried to rob her store.

From WHDH.com:

Dawn Khawaja, who works at the Down the Block Convenience store on Hanover Street, said on Sunday night the suspect walked up to the counter and pulled out a knife. Khawaja said he told her to give him money.

Without flinching, Khawaja pulled out an even bigger knife. When the suspect saw her knife, he ran out of the store.

“I was just mad, he shouldn’t be stealing from me,” said Khawaja. “I have four kids to support, there’s no reason you should rob from me.”

Criminals don’t care. They prey on those whom they perceive as weak. Kudos to Dawn for not being a sheep and fighting back.  Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a lead-projectile based defense though.


7News Boston WHDH-TV


  1. dph says:

    A little bit of Crocodile Dundee there. I agree though, she needs to get a gun now. She’s going to be in big trouble when the next robber pulls out a pistol on her, since everybody now knows about the big knife.

  2. jkmoa says:

    If Schrade ever sends David Anderson that Old Timer Bowie for review, he may have to consider it “Not Quite from the Deepest Depths of Uselessness”.

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NH Clerk wins game of “Mine’s Bigger” with would-be robber

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