Nielsen Ratings: Blade Brothers Beaten By Boston Bomber Blitz

The debut of the Discovery Channel’s Blade Brothers reality-ish show was overshadowed by the 60/60/24 news coverage of the evolving Boston Bomber shootout and manhunt. Todd Begg and bros. have nothing to be ashamed of: hardly anyone was watching anything that wasn’t a live newscast that day.

I was one of those people transfixed by the Boston coverage, but Discovery is giving us another chance by running two Blade Bros episodes back-to-back this Friday. As long as ass-clown Jihadists don’t blow anything up, I might give Blade Brothers a try this week.

Blade Brothers still pulled down 1.153 million viewers in its 10:00 EST premiere, which beat out most other reality-based cable offerings. According to Nielsen, it was only beaten by Sons of Guns, Say Yes To The Dress, and I Found The Gown. What’s with all the clothing shows? Apparently the TLC show “I Shit My Pants” didn’t do as well as expected and won’t be renewed.




  1. daveinwyo says:

    Watched the show and was dissapointed. I was hoping for practical knifework, not non-functional artsy junk. The people that the bros dealt with WERE NOT mainsream America. The one bro was an idiot and a waste of air. I will admit that the hot salt treatment was cool, but not worth putting up with the rest of the show. Won’t watch another show. RED

    1. Pat says:

      You forgot to mention EXPENSIVE non-functional artsy junk.

  2. indigo88 says:

    I watched it & was disappointed as well. The knives were kinda cool & were fairly functional (they WERE able to cut stuff; & how about those mechanical claws!) but it’s the PEOPLE & FORMULA in the show that really bothered me.

    It sadly follows what has become a tired “reality” tv show blueprint:
    1 guy who actually knows what he’s doing
    1 guy who is a bit of a “tough love” hard case
    1 guy who is an utter moron with the best of intentions and heart of gold, constantly screwing around & messing things up but where it all turns out in the end.


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Nielsen Ratings: Blade Brothers Beaten By Boston Bomber Blitz

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