“Ninja” burglarizes comic store; steals katana

I am still working on my Peachsmith Chimera review, but the egg timer was running out and I needed to put up some fresh content on the site. This story is relatively inconsequential, but amusing nonetheless. I could probably live without the video-game overdub on the surveillance video above, but I figured that this was worth sharing.

From KTVA.com:

A person dressed as a ninja burglarized an Anchorage card shop Friday night. The break-in was captured on security cameras.

The ninja suspect broke into the Spenard Bosco’s some time after closing, according to Erich Helmick, a staff member.


The katana stolen by the “ninja” (via KTVA)

Helmick said he and others are checking the store’s inventory, but that so far it seems only a white katana sword was taken.

“The sword was the only thing we could make out well enough on the video to say for sure,” he added.

He said the point of entry for the suspect was damaged, but said he couldn’t elaborate further for security reasons.

Alright…Enough stalling…back to work…

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“Ninja” burglarizes comic store; steals katana

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