No Knives, Better Lives?


I know I shouldn’t have, but I did anyway…

So says the Scottish Government. We have discussed the insanity of UK hoplophobia ad nauseum on the pages of TTAK. However, in my nightly trawl for content I discovered the official site of the No Knives, Better Lives campaign. I should have known better than to begin to browse the site, but I often do stupid stuff.

Knife crime is not about knives. It is about crime. It is about gang violence. It is about a breakdown of the social fabric. The tool makes no difference.


From No Knives, Better Lives

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Unfortunately, by focusing on the tools and not on actions too many innocent people can be caught in a dragnet. It is anathema to a free society to need to have an “excuse” for the possession of a tool. One should never have to justify their actions unless those actions infringe on the rights of others.

We do need to educate our children about knives. They need to be taught knife safety. They need to be taught the responsibility that comes with using all manner of tools. But most importantly, they need to be taught to respect others, and this is the lesson that is missed when people fetishize an inanimate object.


  1. Sam L. says:

    One might think the Scots would be more accepting of knives than the Brits. Damned shame they’re not.

    1. There is actually an exemption in UK knife law for those in traditional Scottish dress. So if I lived in England I would just wear my kilt more and carry a dirk 🙂

      For whatever reason the Scots are loony with liberalism. If the independence referendum had passed, they would have made England look like Texas. At least until their oil ran out and they couldn’t pay for their social services.

      1. I agree with you, especially since the Scots were banned from owning swords under English tyranny.

  2. Grindstone says:

    “Ban guns” they said. “It’ll stop so much crime” they said.

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No Knives, Better Lives?

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