Non-Locking Spyderco: Perfect For Travellers?

Image courtesy Spyderco

Some countries (cough England cough) treat locking knives as though they were made of radioactive anthrax spores. For the globetrotting blade enthusiast with nanny-states on their itinerary, Spyderco offers a non-locking variant of their Slipit line, with a few design tweaks for international carry and defensive use.

Spyderco’s SLIPIT line continues expanding as global necessity and preference for non-locking folders grows.  Locking folders continue gaining pariah status; we’ve recognized this trend and started creating designs that are a synthesis of modern and traditional.  SLIPITS are reliable non-locking folder which are socially friendly and internationally accepted for slip in your pocket urban carry.

Spyderco’s new Titanium UK PenKnife’s blade is held open by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot.  When closing the blade, the notch produces resistance functionally similar to traditional slip-joint penknives.  To achieve heightened control, safety and comfort, Spyderco designers add a deep finger choil positioning the index finger on the bottom of the blade directly under the thumb.  This lets you choke-up nearer the cutting edge with comfort and dexterity.

If this means I won’t get arrested for carrying it in the UK and that it won’t chop my finger off, then I’d say it’s bloody brilliant. Too bad the TSA still won’t allow it in your carry-on baggage: the blade is too long and too wide to pass muster with the blue-gloved junktouchers.

The Titanium has a CMP S30V blade and an MSRP of nearly $300, but other UK-compliant folders can be yours for less than $100.


  1. jwm says:

    If it’s got a blade too long to pass the tsa perv pat down won’t it be to long to walk around a slave country like england? I thought the knife had to have a less than 3 inch blade in england or it had to be in use in some sort of activity like hunting or work.

  2. Nate says:

    Under 3″ for England. Under 2.36″ for TSA. And no molded handles. Also, I love my UKPK. $40

  3. Phydeaux says:

    For travel, I take a Fenix PD32UE 740 lumen flashlight with strobe mode. About the size of a kubotan, and holding a single 18650 rechargeable battery this is well suited for self defense.

  4. Matt in FL says:

    Call me when TSA pulls their heads out of their asses.

    Actually, since they were going to do the right thing and allow small knives until the stewardesses (of both sexes) lost their shit, call me when the rest of the airline world pulls their heads out of their asses.

    Oh, wait. The blade on this still would have been too big under the new rules. I guess it’s the rest of the airline world AND the TSA.

  5. Jake says:

    I bought one of these cheap to comply with Chicago’s knife laws. Their slip-joint provides no resistance. I thought I was getting something like a swiss army knife for a Case XX which has a positive *click* as the spring drops into the blade notch, along with some resistance to closing. Mine closes as easily as it opens. I had to crank the scales together with a Torx head to provide enough resistant to keep it from closing by the weight of my thumb on the choil.

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Non-Locking Spyderco: Perfect For Travellers?

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