Not an EDC for CCW: Lipstick Knife

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Really? Before you trust your life to a 1.5″ blade that costs less than five bucks, consider the following:

  • Even Jackie Chan would have a hard time employing a 1.5″ blade for self-defense. Chopsticks? Yes. Lipstick knife? No.
  • Double-sided stabbing knives, regardless of length, are often considered ‘daggers’ under state law. This makes these lipstick knives useless and illegal.
  • If you have two hands available to open a knife, wouldn’t you rather have a cheap lockback with a 3″ blade? Or anything?

With no disrespect to anyone’s gender identity or clothing preferences, if you’re a dude and you pull a knife like this your attacker is going to laugh his ass off. This might actually be the only useful defensive feature of this ‘knife,’ since it would give you an opportunity to run like hell.

Friends don’t let friends use five-dollar knives. Especially for self-defense.


  1. Pantera Vazquez says:

    Seen them, held them, Absolute Garbage.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Thanks for that! It’s more of a ‘knife review’ than I’d ever bother to give them.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I carry a plastic 6-pack holder. I tell my proposed attacker that I am a master of the Ancient Chinese Self-Defense technique called The Six Rings Of Death. And when they fall on the ground laughing I put my legs in Warp drive.

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Not an EDC for CCW: Lipstick Knife

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