Not Ready For Prime-Time Goblin Cleaving: $175 ‘Orcrist’ Replica.

Image courtesy United Cutlery

If you want a sword, you probably want a sword that can actually cut, right? I’ve never gotten the appeal of non-firing replica guns, and I similarly don’t understand the draw of ‘display’ swords like this one. I understand that not everybody can afford a folded-steel Japanese katana or hand-forged Viking longsword, but hanging a mystery-metal replica on your wall is kind of like parking a paper-mache Ferrari in your garage.

But if you feel differently, and if you’ve got the garage wall space, this replica ‘Orcrist’ might be your cup of tea.

This fellow doesn’t sound particularly well-versed in the Tolkien cannon, and he probably couldn’t even tell you how many Elvish kings ruled the city of Gondolin before its fall. You or I wouldn’t care about that, but this could be a big turn-off to the legion of Lord Of The Rings fans who might appreciate an item like this hanging over their fireplace.



  1. Rebar says:

    Not a sword kind of guy . . . but if are successful with their gun control initiative I bet I could learn to like ’em. Cross bow too maybe.

  2. Duncan Idaho says:

    I really love swords, but will never own more than one. It’s a shame that they have limited practicality, they’re really cool and interesting objects.

    Longbows, on the other hand…

  3. jwm says:

    5 years from now some tweaker will steal one of these from an unlocked garage and get shot to death trying to rob a liqour store with it.

    So this mystery metal geek magnet may actually serve a useful purpose down the road.

    1. Derek says:

      Where’s that daggum “Like” button?

  4. billdeserthills says:

    Thing is if you want to buy real knives or swords your first mistake is checking out Bud K. Maybe you should try sportsmans guide, I don’t wanna suggest any really exciting locations right off & get you over excited.

  5. 2hotel9 says:

    My son wanted this when it hit the catalog! I talked against it, could just figure the quality of metal and workmanship in that piece. Said if you are going to get an item like that it is ONLY for display. It will actually have some resale, doubt it will go above $100, even with certificate. Movie memorabilia can be a part of knife collections, you just got to be sure not to ever do anything WITH said memorabilia.

    Bill? Try out Have gotten some very nice, full functional swords from them. Some not too bad price wise. Boy got one that was cheap and did a bit of sword play on the baby maple tree brush around our place and it was chipped and bent quite quickly. A $28 dollar object lesson, well worth it to show him whats out there.

  6. TZH says:

    you’d be surprised at how many people dream of having these. I used to obsess over a LOTR Glamdring wall-hanger for a whole year and even saved up for it until someone else beat me to the punch. that was a good thing.

    so okay, you have the display sword. it looks awesome! but can you use it?

    I scratch my head over replica guns too.

    no kaboom, no cut. lame

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Not Ready For Prime-Time Goblin Cleaving: $175 ‘Orcrist’ Replica.

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