Not Really A Knife: 3W Homemade Lightsaber

YouTube laser hacker StyroPyro demonstrates his custom-built a 3000 mW green laser, housed in a machined aluminum Lightsaber body. It looks pretty neat from the safe remove of your iPad screen, but if you see a Star Wars geek whip one of these out from under his Jedi robe and fire it up at a fancon, you’ll want to run like hell. Unlike that ‘more elegant weapon for a move civilized age,’ this laser torch has an infinitely long ‘blade.’ In theory, anyway . . .

In practice, this overpowered laser can cause skin burns or permanent blindness to anyone it hits (depending on the duration of exposure) out to a range of several kilometers. You can deflect it with a mirrored surface, but you can’t use another laser to parry it. Unless you’re Mace Windu, that is.


The blue laser packs 3000mW, quite a bit more than the standard red laser pointer you use to bug people at the movies. It uses two lithium-ion batteries to maintain its worrying burning power. Styropyro, who is known as the DIY Laser Guy, said he doesn’t normally enjoy owning or operating a laser this powerful, but took one for the team so he could entertain his fans by setting a few things on fire…

As demonstrated in the above video, the laser doesn’t vwinggg around as it moves through the air like a true lightsaber, nor does it start instantly or cleanly slice everything in half. However, the laser saber does quickly burn a hole through and set fire to most things put into its path, including paper, electrical tape, cardboard, a ping pong ball, and a thin wooden splint.


  1. pastubbs says:

    Well I think one of the Youtube comments says it best “Shut up and take my money.” I want it and I want it NOW.

    BTW it did cut a wooden stick so its almost a knife.

  2. Aharon says:

    Interesting update on light-sabers. Thanks Chris. One can only imagine the future developments with this technology. I want one.

  3. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    If we ever perfect ultra-high-power, lithium-ion batteries
    or ultracapacitors, this will become a scary weapon.
    Like 25,000 watts of scary.

  4. scubamatt says:

    Well now…that looks like it will fit in the light mount on the end of my home defense shotgun…

    This video appeals to my inner science nerd, to the point that my wife took away my credit card just in case.

  5. geo says:

    No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

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Not Really A Knife: 3W Homemade Lightsaber

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