NY Woman Sues Cops For Not Letting Her Stab herself to Death

Joann Clarke's knives (courtesy nydailynews.com)

OK, that’s a fairly liberal interpretation of events, as described by nypost.com. The paper reports that Joann “no e” Clarke’s boyfriend called the po-po to his Pelham Bay apartment last year, “telling a 911 dispatcher Clarke was emotionally disturbed and ‘might hurt herself.’ Officers found Clarke with steak and carving knives, cutting into her own body before eventually running at one of them with a knife in hand, according to a published report.” So an unnamed officer (of course) shot her. And missed. “That’s when one of the officers fired his weapon, hitting the 43-year-old in the leg in the March 2012 incident. Clarke claims the officers were negligent, ‘unfit, incompetent and/or improperly or insufficiently trained,’ according to a Bronx Supreme Court suit filed this month.” She forgot to mention the mandatory 11-lbs “New York Trigger” on his Glock. Anyone seem The Incredibles?


  1. Ken Hagler says:

    What did she expect? She was clearly destroying government property…

  2. scubamatt says:

    You forgot to quote the last sentence of the nypost story, which (naturally) is the most important one. She is suing because she feels the use of force was unjust, excessive and unnecessary.

    The lawsuit will get tossed out on it’s ear, of course. Knife armed individual charges police responding to an emergency call? They will send her a bill for the ambulance ride, the psych eval, the ammo expended, the counseling for the officers, etc.

  3. jwm says:

    Didn’t a guy try to kill himself by diving onto the tracks of the subway in NYC? He lived but lost both legs. I seem to recall he collected a settlement from the Transit Authority on that one.

  4. ChuckN says:

    So, are the cops insufficiently trained because they didn’t disarm
    Clarke, or that she’s still alive?

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NY Woman Sues Cops For Not Letting Her Stab herself to Death

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