NYC to cease arresting turnstile jumpers; prosecution of knife owners continues…

Because let’s face it, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. needs criminals to vote for him, since he is having all the law abiding knife owners arrested. When he isn’t busy counting his campaign contributions from Harvey Weinstein (whom he declined to prosecute for sexual assault), he is leading the charge to thwart the will of the people of New York, whose elected representatives in Albany have twice voted to fix New York’s unjust gravity knife law. He, along with Mayor DerpBlasio and the NYC Police Commissioner were the leading voices encouraging Governor Cuomo to veto the knife-law reform bills each of the last 2 years.

From NY Post:

The Manhattan DA’s office had in September announced that it will be going easy on most people arrested for fare beating — dismissing their charges provided they completed a program or stayed clean for half a year.

But now, the office has told the NYPD that it will not be prosecuting fare beaters at all. Instead, prosecutors will “DTP,” or decline to prosecute, almost every case brought to arraignment.

Given that, transit cops are expected to not even bother stopping turnstile jumpers, one police source said, predicting a “free for all.”…

Seems legit. Let’s read on…

Chief Assistant District Attorney Karen Friedman said this policy shift “marks the next step in our ongoing work to reduce inequality and unnecessary incarceration by ending the prosecution of low-level, non-violent offenses and offenders that do not post a risk to public safety or belong in our criminal courts.”

Police sources, however, say this quality-of-life enforcement in the subways sometimes take dangerous individuals off the street. Fare evaders sometimes have outstanding criminal warrants and are carrying weapons.

Hey, this sounds great. Instead of detaining lawbreakers and searching them for possible weapons, they can continue to “stop and flick” people minding their own business in gross violation of their civil liberties. After all, we wouldn’t want the police to get winded or turn an ankle running after an actual criminal. People standing still are so much easier to harass.

Letting turnstile jumpers go seems like the perfect policy with violent crime on the rise in the subways.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    I see no reason to ever go to that ill-governed city.

  2. Do they still do the New York Custom Knife Show? I haven’t attended in over 30 years.

    1. They do. It is held across the river in New Jersey.

  3. Northeast_Major_City says:

    I EDC a knife daily and live in Manhattan, I’m almost 65 and have no reason to be ‘visually’ profiled by Cyrus Vance Jr.’s goon squads, I don’t wear a baseball cap sideways, backwards, don’t wear my pants/jeans down below my glutes etc. so no reason to stop me and my knife never “prints” through my clothes.
    I go to the NYCKS knife show now held across the river in Jersey City and have a great time seeing friends and one of my favorite knife makers Bud Nealy.
    The show is no longer 2x per year, sadly now only 1x per year and there was talk they may end that too as the knife laws are becoming as restrictive in N.J. as in N.Y.C.

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NYC to cease arresting turnstile jumpers; prosecution of knife owners continues…

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