NYC Girlfriend Stabbing Trial Update: Psycho GF Gets 8 1/2 Years

Image: Yekaterina Pusepa Facebook Page

After being convicted of attempted murder for the rage-fueled stabbing of her then-boyfriend, crazy-hot Yekaterina Pusepa (emphasis on crazy) was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison by a New York judge. 

Pusepa pleaded for leniency at her sentencing hearing, telling Judge Marcy Kahn that she did feel remorse for stabbing her boyfriend Alec Katsnelson in the chest with a steak knife. This show of remorse came after Pusepa initially blamed ‘some black man’ for the stabbing, and then claimed that she was only defending herself after Katsnelson assaulted her. The judge delivered a harsh rebuke to this theatrical show of remorse, telling Pusepa “you’re [only] devastated that you’re convicted.”

Despite the judicial smackdown, however, Judge Kahn actually did show considerable leniency when she handed down Pusepa’s sentence. The Manhattan D.A. had asked for 15 years, out of a maximum of 25 years for attempted murder.

According to the NY Post, Pusepa is likely to serve only six years of her sentence before being paroled.


  1. DougieR says:

    In my experience a woman’s crazy is in algorithmic proportion to her “hotness”. Another cautionary tale indeed…

  2. Aharon says:

    Women generally know when another woman is bs’ing. One good thing about woman judges is that a guilty woman defendant can’t manipulate her as easily as she could a judge that is a man. Then again, it works in cases such as this one when the female judge is not some crazy feminist whose first alliance is to the Tribe of Women rather than first committed to seeing Justice.

  3. Paul B says:

    Bet she won’t be this “hot” six years from now, but she will be crazy still.

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NYC Girlfriend Stabbing Trial Update: Psycho GF Gets 8 1/2 Years

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