Object of Desire? Nunchuck Grips – concealed knife and pepper-spray bicycle grips.

I am not a cyclist, but if I were, these seem pretty cool. A company called Nunchuck Grips is marketing a line of bicycle grips, hiking poles, and other items which offer perfect concealment for accessories such as a knife, pepper spray, or “stash” cylinder. You don’t even need one of their poles or grips, the accessories will work with any 7/8″ tube.

From HiConsumption:

This tool essentially turns everyday items into an incognito sheath. Brilliant, but simple, it fits a 2.1 inch stainless steel blade with frame lock in a small plastic tube that serves as an end-cap on umbrella handles, bike handlebars, or even ski polls. Now, no matter where you are or what you are doing, it’s that much easier to bring along a backup knife. So long as you are using Nunchuck Grips, trekking poles, umbrellas, or a 7/8″ bike handlebars, enhancing your EDC with this is a cinch. Prices for the knife and endcap by themselves start at just $25.

The blade is labeled Gerber, but there is no acorn logo visible. I am not sure what that is all about since Gerber is never mentioned on their webpage. I’d imagine the name would hold some cache with the target audience for this product.

My biggest beef with this item is they use a cheap folder. I understand that the folding is required to fit the umbrella or the trekking poles, but not in a bicycle grip. Still, I would prefer they make it a small fixed blade at least as an option, which would be a better defensive tool.

Since I don’t bicycle and I use a well-loved set of Leki poles when I hike in the Smokies, I will just have to continue wearing a fixed blade on my belt.

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Object of Desire? Nunchuck Grips – concealed knife and pepper-spray bicycle grips.

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