Obscure DIY Object of Desire: Swiss-Army Barbie

This definitely falls in the “deepest-depths of uselessness”, but is wonderfully twisted nonetheless. I dismembered and destroyed my share of Barbies over the course of my childhood, but never with such style or forethought.


Not only is there a SAK-style knife in the torso, there is also a full-sized screwdriver shaft in the leg.

This little project comes from the site Instructables.com. There are 11 step-by step photos to supplement the video.

“The two halves of Barbie will be held in place with small magnets, allowing her to be taken apart and out back together effortlessly.

To do this I found areas around the knife handle that have voids large enough to put small magnets, then epoxied a magnet with the bottom flush with the bisecting cut line of the Barbie.

After these magnets were firmly in place I added a second magnet to where it was flush to the cut line, then added a small dab of epoxy to it before moving the bottom half of the doll in place. Allowing the epoxy to dry I then pulled the Barbie apart again and reinforced the second magnet with more epoxy.

The doll is now able to be ripped in half and can be put back together whole and the form is all held by magnets.”

I have always enjoyed tinkering like this. As a kid I affixed a rudimentary blade to one of those switchblade combs. I have a feeling I am never going to look at my kids’ toys again without evaluating their weapon potential.

editors post-script:

Thanks to Dan and David for their help in keeping the ball rolling.  I will be back in Knox this weekend, and back up to full speed.




  1. Speaking of tactical Hello Kitty cookie jars…

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Obscure DIY Object of Desire: Swiss-Army Barbie

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