Obscure Machete Martial-Art form


I have been sitting on this for awhile. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I do know there are many obscure martial arts like this one around the world. I also know that for many around around said world, a machete is about all a man can afford.

What I really like about this thing is it so encompasses everything about “old school” martial arts. It is taught father to son. There is often a tie in to something of greater historical significance. There is a hokey factor. But in many villages around the world you will see something a lot like this. A weird dude, a sacred tree, and a story that strains believability.

Haiti is known for weird (not-in-a-good-way) “mojo”. I could see this all being true. I could also see it as being one huge farce that is told to foreigners for a laugh. If your world view does not allow for spirits then just keep moving along.

If you read the comment section, some think this guy is the town drunk and some think he is a legit martial artist. I don’t see any reason why this guy cannot be the town drunk and one B.A. martial artist. Many men around the world are both.

This whole thing is kind of like a grandpa pulling quarters out of ears. Real, fake, or somewhere in the middle it is pretty cool.

As far as the art itself, it looks good but footwork intensive. Seriously, I could go on several rants about how and why I am anti-“footwork”. But for now just enjoy the weirdness that is machetes, beer, and spirits on a tropical island.


  1. cmeat says:

    those machetes are reminiscent of my tramontina bolo. for the dirtiest work with no regrets.
    pretty hokey, not that i’d doubt an islander’s skill set.
    haitian fencing is all along the artibonite river; it keeps the dominicana’s out (ostensibly).
    locally our most prominent haitian is known as mr. coffee. he gifted me an 8yr barbancourt last month.
    if you are annoyed by what demand has done to the cost of scotch, bourbon and tequila, explore the aged rums. i just discovered the high altitude central american offerings. might i suggest diplomatico reserva from venezuela.

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Obscure Machete Martial-Art form

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