Obscure Object of Desire: an Oosik-scaled knife

(image via BladeForums)

Have you ever wanted to smash the matriarchy? Well, I have got the perfect weapon for you – the oosik.

Some male mammals have a penis bone. It is called a baculum. Oosik is the Native Alaskan word for the penis bone of walrus, sea lions, seals, and polar bears . Oosiks are often cut, carved, and/or polished. They have been used in weapon making (it is a bone) and as weapons themselves. A good example of one can be seen on the “Orcist” sword build done by Man At Arms: Reforged.

These things, though not common, are not really obscure . . . but that does not mean cheap. They are pricey enough that people make “synthetic” reproductions like they do for other animal bones. Yeah, faux oosik is a thing. I am inclined to call such a creation a “dildo”.

Still, I want (a real) one. That may sound weird but I do. As cheap as I am I might just have to settle for a horse femur.


  1. Peter says:

    Kind of gives a new meaning to being pricked by a knife, doesn’t it.

  2. Hannibal says:

    A little ‘on the nose’ regarding the whole knives as phallic items, no?

  3. Bill Heath says:

    Very interesting!! I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one or two.

  4. Splash says:

    The oosik material make a very defined handle. The best oosik is one that has been in the ground 20 years. If fossilized forming deep colors when buffed. In one oosik you can get 3 handles. Very brittle And you must take your time. If you you can get over the name you will find that they make great handles. I sell them in AK in the summer.

  5. JB says:

    Yea, you done got dicked up by that shank!

    Sorry, had to go there.

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Obscure Object of Desire: an Oosik-scaled knife

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