Obscure Object Of Desire: Benchmade 586-141 Limited Edition

Image courtesy Benchmade Knives

Benchmade’s new limited edition Axis lock 586-141 is rated Triple-Ex: Ultra Exclusive, Exotic and Expensive. How exclusive is it? (Drumroll please…)

Only two hundred will be made. For a mainstream manufacturer, that’s almost as small as a production run can go without becoming a semi-custom knife.

How exotic? The blades are made from M390, a super-steel that’s reputed to be superior to S30V in nearly every regard. It’s supposed to be easier to sharpen too, but these blades are hardened to HRC 60-62 so I wouldn’t count on it. Just to make it extra cool, each blade is profiled and hand-polished with a convex edge.

The scales are made from 3D machined carbon fiber, with honeycomb aluminum inlays filled with C-tec infused epoxy.

And how expensive? Seven hundred bucks. Which is pretty close to the street price of every knife I own added together. It’s about the only (almost) production folder that makes a Sebenza look like a knife for cheap bastards.

I can safely say it’s a knife I’ll never own. A pity, that.


  1. Aharon says:

    About $700? LMAO. My Ka-Bar made 1095 steels work great for me. I don’t need the super-steals err super-steels.

  2. Daniel says:

    Like anybody in the knife world will tell you: steel is great, but heat treatment really decides the quality of a knife. This is why some still chose 440 stainless over S30v.

  3. Chris Dumm says:

    It’s a safe guess that not a single one of these will ever be opened or used in anger; these are pure collector’s items. They’ll probably even increase in value over time, although the gun and knife collector market is remarkably unpredictable.

    1. Aharon says:

      A better investment is .22LR ammo.

  4. GC says:

    I like the looks of this but it would be hard for me to bring myself to drop 700 dollars on a knife. There are too many 150 dollar-ish knives that I’d be more excited to own.

  5. Mark Davis says:

    And I thought Striders were expensive….

  6. Matt in FL says:

    I really want one of these. Just to have. Something about the way it looks just calls to me.

    And you know what? I’d carry it. I wouldn’t use it hard or anything, but I’d carry it, and it would see some use, because a knife in a box is a waste.

  7. Tom in Oregon says:

    That does look pretty neat.
    I just picked up a titanium and carbon fiber folder.
    This thing is incredible.

  8. Crockett says:

    I think it would be hard for me to spend 700 dollars on a knife made by a production company. Especially when I can buy a three sisters forge beast custom with m390 for 300 something.

  9. durosig556r says:

    700 dollars….really? Great looking folder, but there is no value equal to 700 dollars. If you want one if these, I’m sure it’s going to be easy to obtain.

  10. Sam L. says:

    Too rich for my wallet.

  11. NavtRetGold says:

    For God’s sake, this is the *mini* sized version. You’d think for $700 they could have at least made it in the regular size. As much as I like the 580 and the 581, this is just ridiculous.

  12. Jeff P. says:

    $700? I guess people collect knives bc they’re pretty and all but to me it seems pointless to spend that much on a knife that’s too nice to use for fear of (oh no a scratch on a knife) messing them up. To me a knife is a tool, so it sounds to me like buying a screwdriver, wrench, or hammer that’s made of exotic materials and just letting it sit there never using it for it’s intended purpose. I do have a knife collection, all knives which I use for work and I do try to keep them nice. My entire collection of 25+ knives could and was bought for less than $700. That’s just my opinion as a “poor man.”

  13. Jeff P. says:

    It does look cool though.

  14. Jeff P. says:

    Just gave it some thought, my knives in total did cost more than $700. So i could have one of these 2 maybe 3 other knives or 27 different ones. It would really suck if i lost this one.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Benchmade 586-141 Limited Edition

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