Obscure Object Of Desire: Boker 2014 Annual Damascus Knife

Image courtesy BokerBoker has issued a long series of limited-edition Damascus collector’s knives over the years. Most Solingen Bokers are at least nominally collectible, but their Annual Damascus Collector’s Knives are instant classics. The Boker Camp Knife gets the Annual Damascus Makeover for 2014, and the result isn’t your grandfather’s Boy Scout knife.

First, obviously, is the Damascus steel blade and screwdriver/bottle opener which will absolutely never cut a fuzz stick or open a beer bottle. I mean, they could…but they won’t. And those nickel-silver bolsters and real Ebony wood scales? They aren’t gonna go camping either.

Boker can afford to be exclusive when this knife is so, well, exclusive. Boker sometimes sells last year’s Annual Damascus knives at a slight discount, so you can always wait a year or two and hope for a good deal if they don’t sell out. But if you gotta gotta have one of these, you’d better order it here and now. There will only be 999 of them made, ever, and and they’ll set you back $390 each.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I have the Scout knife I bought lo, those many years ago. It’s clipped to my Scout pants. Cost me I forget how much, but pretty certain in the $2-3 range. Sharpens up nicely.

  2. chuck k says:

    I personally would never enter the woods without a Damascus steel corkscrew.

  3. Miles Juelfs says:

    I don’t understand why these always garner so much attention. Damascus Steel is a mis-nomer. It is a patterned steel blade. Damascus Steel is a long gone technology, The current ones are just imitations. They are made from mixed steel and metals to give a pattern like Damascus Steel but they are not.
    I’m not sure it’s worth even 100.00 much less almost 400.00. But I guess to a collector any limited run item is worth something.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Boker 2014 Annual Damascus Knife

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