Obscure Object Of Desire: Engraved Cold Steel Espada

Engraved Espada by David SheehanOn most knives or firearms, engraving doesn’t do much for me. It tends to turn a perfectly useful tool into a pampered collectible that should rarely be touched, much less fired. Despite this, the hand-cut scrollwork on the bolsters of this Cold Steel Espada works for me. It brings out more of the intended character of the knife, and the unadorned blade also lets you keep using it as a practical (if large) cutting tool.

Image courtesy David SheehanThe original espada ropera was not a folding knife, but an pattern of ornate 15th century Spanish swords. Dandies, scoundrels and gentlemen wore them as fashion accessories and fighting weapons. The modern Cold Steel version borrows this name, but more closely resembles the Spanish navaja folding knife, which was also frequently engraved and ornamented.

Named after one type of engraved Spanish knife and styled after another, this engraved Espada is among the relatively few engraved knives that appeal to me as tools instead of objets d’art.

Engraver’s link: http://dsengraver.com/coldsteel/

Pricing? POR only.


  1. Aharon says:


    That is a nice looking knife and it has the engraved extent I’d be ok with (and not beyond) for a working knife. My thoughts are similar to yours in that I’m not into owning and using an ornate looking knife or anything ornate for use as a practical tool (remember my Winchester ’94 that I found too fancy to shoot?). My Kershaw Crown gentleman’s knife @ $20 works for me.

    Below is my favorite Espada set:
    Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife)

  2. DrewN says:

    Practical? For what? I cut things up with knives all day long at work, and I’m hard pressed to think of a cutting task that I would choose this knife for. I’m sure the blade is fine, but the ergonomics look absolutely awful.

  3. NavyRetGold says:

    This clown of a knife doesn’t do anything for me. Overly exagerated curves, and uselessly gaudy engraving detract from any practicality it might have. Not a fan of Cold Steel knives.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Engraved Cold Steel Espada

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