Obscure Object Of Desire: Etlines 3″ Hunting Knife

Image courtesy etlknives.com

Image courtesy etlknives.com

Finnish cutlery has long been epitomized by the Puukko, but Etlines knives are nudging Nordic knifemaking in a new direction, three inches at a time.

Traditional Puukko knives have never been known for their long blades, but Etlines knives are only 2.75″ to 3″ overall.


This short video (appropriate for such a short knife) gives a more detailed look at this knife. The hand-forged Damascus blade and stained camel bone handle show that this knife is ‘minimalist’ in size only.

I’m not sure what I could actually do with a knife that tiny, but with looks this cool (and a price of only $50) I don’t care whether it could slice an apple or not. I want one.



  1. jwm says:

    My problem with knives like this and the general category of “neck knives” isn’t their small blades. It’s their small handles. For hunting/camping and general boonie running a small blade will do 95% of what needs doing and the other 5% can be usually better handled with a hatchet or ax.

    I just have trouble getting a comfortable grip on those small handles.

    1. Aharon says:

      I would be afraid of losing my grip with that tiny handle and the blade cutting off a finger. I like my fingers.

  2. Robert Farago says:

    I have a medium hand and I gotta hand it to jwm: small handled knives have extremely limited utility. FWIW.

  3. Chris Dumm says:

    This wouldn’t even be a ‘utility’ knife for a Hobbit! I doubt I would even open a letter with it; I just like it for its details and oddity.

  4. pastubbs says:

    I like it in fact I’m going to buy one now… oh wait it come from the UK. The shipping is probably more then the knife. They have weird taxes on shipping knives.

    1. Bubba Yakoza says:

      It comes from Finland and they offer free worldwide shipping, I also purchased one and it’s damn cool for my collection

  5. Pat says:

    Becker Necker is as small as I would go on a fixed.

  6. Katy says:

    Oh, I love the blade, the knife is very beautiful.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Etlines 3″ Hunting Knife

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