Obscure Object of Desire: Gerber Curve

The biggest bummer about obscure desirable objects is that a high price tag usually goes along with all that alluring obscurity. Fortunately, in the case of the Gerber Curve tool,  you can probably scrounge up enough scratch to pick one up by flipping over the sofa cushions. And they’re actually not all that obscure. It’s just that most people don’t seem to know about them . . .


Truth be told, you can pick one up at any decent knife retailer. And you should, because it’s an unusually handy little gizmo to poke into your pocket. Especially when you can’t or don’t want to schlep a full-size blade or multi-tool. Closed, it’s a mere 2.25″ long. With its longest tool (the blade) open, it stretches to a full length of 3.5″.


The solidly constructed, curvaceous Curve is a versatile 6-tool player. It sports a surprisingly sharp blade, two flathead screwdrivers (the small one’s slim enough to torque the screws on your glasses), a file and a rudimentary Phillips head driver. What’s tool number 6?


When all you want to do is quench your thirst with a frosty Four Hands Reprise Centennial Red on a hot summer’s day, just yank the paracord pull you thoughtfully added and slip it out of the fob pocket in your jeans. Your Curve will pop that top quite nicely. It’s small enough to hang from a key chain — if you don’t mind a little added bulk — and the built-in carabiner clip will let you latch it onto just about anything.

Try as I might, I couldn’t ID the mystery metal Gerber chose for the knife. Suffice it to say that it takes a very nice edge, much sharper than you’d expect in such a tiny tool. The blade, like all four flip-out tools, is gently sprung and locks smartly into place when deployed. Slide the knurled side switch back to release and close.

All this for an average retail price of about a dozen samolians. Seriously, why don’t you have one?


  1. Matt in FL says:

    I think I’ll pick one up next time I order from Amazon, so I can break the $25 for free shipping.

  2. Aharon says:

    Over priced Gerber mystery metal? No thanks. For what it can do I’ll stick with a quality Swiss Army Knife.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I have enough little Leathermans. I have one Chinese Gerber tool–not impressed.

  4. 2hotel9 says:

    Think I will find one o’ these. Maybe a couple. Nice little combo for those nice little odd jobs.

    Oh, and guys? Its a global economy, nothing will change that short of economic collapse. Period, full stop.

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Obscure Object of Desire: Gerber Curve

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