Obscure Object Of Desire: ‘Links’ Non-Locking Locking Folder

Grant and Gavin Hawk have introduced a non-locking knife which can’t close on your fingers when you’re using it, because a grip-operated mechanism prevents the blade from folding while the handle is gripped. It looks a little overcomplicated to me, because anything I trust my fingers to should be as simple as possible . . .

But innovation is still a good thing, and I shouldn’t dismiss anything as overly complex until I’ve held it and used it and tried it out. Because it’s not ‘technically’ a locking blade, there’s also the possibility that some very bland future version of this knife might be TSA-legal someday. If the TSA ever adopts the new knife policy they’ve been thinking about for the last few months.

If you think this Hawks non-locking lockblade is a solution in search of a problem, the problem is the stupid knife laws that prohibit locking blades in some jurisdictions. Would the Hawks ‘Links’ be UK-legal, or legal to carry in NYC? I’m guessing not, since it can be locked, and that’s a definite no-no in London and Gotham alike.

Whether or not they’re legal in airline cabins or hoplophobic cities, we probably won’t be getting our greedy little hands on them any time soon: there seem to be only 20 of these knives in existence. C’est la Vie. We’ll ask Farago to check them out for us at the BLADE show next month anyway.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I do wonder what it will cost us.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    That’s really cool. I’d want one without the extra stuff bolted onto the outside.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: ‘Links’ Non-Locking Locking Folder

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