Obscure Object Of Desire: Mammoth Tooth/Trilobyte Fossil Case Russlock

Case Mammoth Russlock

Case knife designs are pretty old-fashioned, but they’re not so old that you would describe them in geological age. Except for this custom Case Russlock with scales made from wooly mammoth tooth and trilobyte fossil.

Image courtesy Finney KnivesTrilobytes lived in the ancient seas from the Lower Cambrian period hundred of millions of years ago, until the end of the Permian period. These ancient relatives of lobsters, horseshoe crabs and spiders were common for nearly 300 million years, but they went extinct 240 million years ago. They ranged in size from giants the size of manhole covers, to the minuscule fossil shown here. Their fossils are found all over the world, and as a boy I used to dig them up in the stratified shale of upstate New York.

Now some of them live on in the scales of these custom Case Russlock knives. These ultra-rare customs are among the more exclusive and expensive Cases out there, with street prices over $300 when you can find them.

If the late Stephen Jay Gould had had a pocketknife made just for him, it would have been this.


  1. jwm says:

    That is old school New Orleans pimp gaudy.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    That knife holds no attraction for me whatsoever. The trilobyte is cool, but I’m not a fan of the dye-injected mammoth tooth, and the metalwork does nothing for me at all. Goes in the opposite direction, in fact.

  3. GC says:

    It looks like it’s been trimmed with a shiny doily. That’s a bold choice……uhhh…I guess.

    1. Matt in FL says:

      I can certainly appreciate the work that clearly went into that, even if it’s not to my taste. I’m fairly certain there are people out there that just love it. I’m just kinda plain. I like vanilla ice cream.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Mammoth Tooth/Trilobyte Fossil Case Russlock

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