Obscure Object of Desire: Mr. Potato-Slashers

I have never been much of a horror movie enthusiast. As a teenager I saw Pet Semetary and Arachnophobia in the theater, and to this day I can hardly think of them without cringing. That being said, I was never creeped out by pure slasher films, finding them more entertaining and funny than scary.  My 15-year old self didn’t mind the T&A either.

These Mr. Potato-head knock-offs by PPW Toys are definitely more funny than scary. I am not going to go out of my way to buy them, but if I was ever gifted one I would certainly find a place for it in my workshop.

If you want to buy me one, or pick one up for yourself, you can pre-order them from EntertainmentEarth.com

Someone please come up with a better caption than my lame attempt.


  1. David says:

    Never Fri Again.


    And your attempt was not that lame. Kinda hard to come up w/ a caption for both Freddy & Jason.

    Maybe (more) something on Hollywood blades (both fantasy & realistic) in the future?

  2. Sam L. says:

    The Scalloppers? Pronounced stressing either the first OR second syllables.

  3. cmeat says:


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Obscure Object of Desire: Mr. Potato-Slashers

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