Obscure Object of Desire: Pneumatic Wolverine Claws


British inventor Colin Furze has build the most baddass pair of Wolverine claws I have ever seen.

I was never much into comics, but to the extent that I was I was more of a Punisher guy. But no self respecting lamnaphile* could fail to find these pretty cool. Colin Furze is an inventor and filmmaker from Britain, and from what I have watched on his YouTube Channel, he is sort of like a Mythbuster on amphetamines. 

The claws are a foot long and powered by a pneumatic unit. They even make the classic sliding/locking sound when they are deployed. No word on how these mesh with holplophobic English knife laws.

Click Below for a longer “Making of” video.


*h/t to reader Mike L who suggested “Lamnaphobe” for one who was afraid of knives in particular as opposed to the more blanket term hoplophobe.  Spinning it around to “phile” seemed appropriate here so I did.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Well, that’s certainly something. The part of the video where he’s wearing the trenchcoat over the assembly is pretty neat.

  2. J- says:

    Too bad he’s from the UK, for creating these, he’s going to go to prison.

    1. He should supply those to the Uighurs. Imagine the carnage at Chinese train stations.

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Obscure Object of Desire: Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

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