Obscure Object of Desire: R.W. Loveless “Double Nude” Nessmuk

Given how important Bob Loveless is to the modern knife industry, I actually know very little about the history of the man. So when one of our readers sent us a link to this beautiful R.W. Loveless Nessmuk on eBay, I did a little digging.

The sheath itself is autographed by Jim Merritt, who was a full partner in the Loveless shop starting in 1982. Although there were plenty of Loveless Nessmuks made during Bob’s lifetime, they were never as plentiful as the infamous Dropped Hunter.

The exact age of the listed knife is unclear, but even if it came after Loveless passed away, I would be thrilled to have it in my collection (my favorite historical pattern is the Nessmuk after all)

The knife carries hallmarks of the Loveless style. The handle is reminiscent of his classic Drop Point Hunter and the handles are secured with the fisheye bolts he helped popularize… sometimes called Loveless bolts today.

The blade also bears the “double nudes,” one on each side of the knife, which is reversed on the back side as though you are looking through the blade as if it were a window.

If you like the knife and your credit limit is more endowed than mine, you can check out the listing on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/352113389915

Here is a snippet from the description

Summary: a beautiful Merritt-made R.W. Loveless Knives “Nessmuk” skinner. This knife has a 3-3/4” stainless steel blade, stainless guard, red tang liners and black micarta slabs with stainless escutcheon plate and two piece stainless pins. This knife bears the coveted “double naked lady” blade etchings, it is unused with original blade edge and in mint condition.
The sheath is original to the knife, brand new with the R.W. Loveless Knives stamping and signed by Jim Merritt. The sheath is “as new” and in mint condition, a few small spots but this way from the maker.

Enjoy the pics! There are a few more on the listing page as well.


  1. Sam L. says:

    A marvelous knife.

  2. cmeat says:

    i could have sworn i heard a couple of loud “pops” this morning.

  3. Jonathan C Mccowan says:

    Reading these posts and seeing those beautiful grinds I beginning to like Nessmuk style knives.

  4. You can see all the different models currently made by Loveless Knives at their webiste http://www.LovelessKnives.com

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Obscure Object of Desire: R.W. Loveless “Double Nude” Nessmuk

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