Obscure Object Of Desire: Sheffield Kevlar Shears

Image courtesy Best MadeBefore Fiskars, there was Sheffield. The onetime center of British knifemaking is still at it, and their ‘Kevlar’ shears are an industrial-grade tool specifically designed to cut through multiple layers of Kevlar and Spectra ballistic fabric. They also cut, effortlessly, just about any textile or cordage on earth that will fit between the blades.

Image courtesy Best Made

They’re treated with a Teflon-like nonstick coating (except the very cutting edge) so even adhesive tape won’t gum them up. They’re made of 100% high-carbon Sheffield steel, and their unpadded handles dare you to complain about blisters. Take that, Fiskars wusses!

Gizmodo went a few rounds with this badass Brit earlier this year, and their reviewer called them ‘The Invincible Scissors That Will Outlast Your House.’ They look awesome, but Victorian-quality Sheffield steel doesn’t come cheap: $70.

Vendor’s link: Best Made.


  1. Arod529 says:

    But do they turn into a knife?

    1. NavyRetGold says:

      Come on.. We are talking England here. Don’t they throw you in jail there for having a knife or a gun or anything else that could be used to defend yourself from the punks and hoodlums? Probably the reason why an old-line quality company like Sheffield is reduced to making scissors. I’m sure they are fine quality scissors…

      1. Arod529 says:

        I wouldn’t know. I was simply making jest about the lack of followup on the previous scissors. As these can cut through Kevlar, I can imagine they would useful in for a medical professional.

        1. Chris Dumm says:

          Fair enough. I lost the damned things when I reorganized my workbench and gear cave (in the garage) and I hope I find them before my wife makes another trip to Goodwill.

      2. Roger says:

        Sheffield still makes knives. But they’re a hard tool company. Not a wink and nudge sort that we’re used to in the knife community.

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Sheffield Kevlar Shears

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