Obscure Object of Desire: Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp


If you build a better mousetrap…people will contribute $150k to your Kickstarter campaign.

While you can certainly file it under the tag “First-world Problems”, that doesn’t make shredding the heck out of a piece of bread trying to spread cold butter any less annoying. Fear no more, a trio of Australian inventors has quite possibly solved this problem that has plagued humanity since the dawn of refrigeration.

Turns out that by introducing a grating edge to the knife, thin strips of easily spreadable goodness are created when the knife is drawn across the surface of a stick of butter. (Click on the picture if the .gif doesn’t animate).


mmm…squiggly, buttery goodness.

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From their Kickstarter Proposal:

Our unique design features a built in grater to aerate and soften butter making it easy to spread. Easy to spread also means you use less too. The grater shape has been specifically designed for butter and to avoid sharp edges so cleanup is safe and easy…



Close up of the wide blade and grating edge. 

I have mentioned it before, but I like it when people push the edges of design, whether it is the standing peanut butter knife, the FieldTorq Viscerator game processing knife, or the Farson Survival tool. If this knife functions as well as it appears in the .gif and photos, then I would love to pick one up. And at a retail price expected to be in the $15 range, I can think of a few friends and relatives who might like one too.

Fortunately for the designers, and unfortunately for those of us late to the party, there is quite a backlog at the time of this writing, with expected delivery for new orders projected for early/mid 2015. Too late for stocking stuffers this year. But if you would like to rad more about the project or contribute and get on the list, click on over to their proposal.


(h/t Wired.com)


  1. Tom in Oregon says:

    Use less butter?
    My good man, what in heck are they thinking!?!

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Obscure Object of Desire: Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

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