Obscure Object of Desire: Victorinox Rangerwood Damascus Limited Edition 2015


If I were a SAK collector, this would be my next buy

I don’t know about you, but I remember getting my first Swiss Army Knife. It was a Victorinox Camper that was given to me before I left for Scout camp the first time. I made a forest-worth of fuzz sticks, cut my fingers plenty of times, and basically used the holy crap out of it until I lost it one day.

As time passed my knife tastes turned to Spydercos and other pocket-clip knives. I have a couple SAKs lying around as junk-drawer knives, but they seldom get used.

If I were a collector however, the latest Limited Edition Victorinox would be a must-have. The Rangerwood Damascus Limited Edition 2015 is one beautiful knife.

From Victorinox.com:

“We are proud to announce our new RangerWood Damascus Limited Edition 2015. Based on the Delemont “RangerWood” collection, this 130mm knife is limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide, with 300 pieces available in North America. The handle is constructed from genuine Swiss walnut and is finished with a rich stain, giving each knife unique shades and grain patterns. The inlaid stainless steel Cross & Shield serves as the safety release system for the locking mechanism. Rounding out this special knife’s appeal is the main blade, crafted from precious Damascus steel, making each piece truly one of a kind.”

The Rangerwood Damascus Limited Edition 2015 contains the following tools:

  1. Large Damascus Blade
  2. Can Opener with
  3. -Small Screwdriver (3mm)
  4. bottle opener with
  5. -large Philips screwdriver
  6. -wire stripper
  7. reamer, punch
  8. corkscrew
  9. key ring

At $299 MSRP, it isn’t out of reach for your average enthusiast. Act soon though, with only 300 of the 5000-piece run being earmarked for the North American market, they should sell out quick.



  1. Sam L. says:

    It’s a beaut, but I won’t pay that much.

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Obscure Object of Desire: Victorinox Rangerwood Damascus Limited Edition 2015

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