Obscure object of desire/From the depths of Uselessness/Sunday Funny: Flintlock Axe-Pistol


Abe Lincoln used this to kill zombies.

I found this on a Facebook page, but a bit of Google-fu led me to the root source: Artist Scott Stadick. From what I gather this example is actually a complex 3D computer model. That said, axe-pistols were actually a fairly common item in 16th-18th century Europe – albeit one of ambiguous utility.

This video features several actual examples from history. I find the narrator’s deadpan delivery to be quite funny.

Stadick also created/rendered a really amazing pair of obsidian daggers for another project, which would be true objects of desire were they to exist in physical form.


drooling on my keyboard.

Speaking of computer models, I have a buddy who works for UbiSoft. He has put out some feelers and might be able to get me an interview with a video game weapons-design artist. Stay tuned, it could be an interesting rabbit hole to dive down for a bit, and think of some questions you would like to ask if this pans out.

Have a great Sunday folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Get that guy and bring him on!

  2. Jake says:

    I would ask him when designing a weapon what factors are most important to the design.

    1)Cool factor
    2)Would it work in the real world
    3)Fitting the characters personality
    4)or fitting the overall theme/time period of the game

    Also it would be interesting to hear his opinion on people making real world replicas. I have seen both amazing and cring worthy examples.

  3. Bolt says:

    Here’s a neat video on a real and not entirely useless Swedish gun-knife from Forgotten Weapons


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Obscure object of desire/From the depths of Uselessness/Sunday Funny: Flintlock Axe-Pistol

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