Obscure Object of Desire/Knife Review: IPAC Standing Knife


It’s an age old problem: what does one do with a peanut butter-covered knife? It’s messy if you set it on the countertop, or you can put it on a trivet or plate and create more dirty dishes. Well never fear. For the low, low price of $28 plus shipping and handling you PB&J lovers can now buy your very own standing knife from the Museum of Modern Art Store . . .

The knife is designed in Italy by the IPAC Company, a manufacturer of stainless steel household projects.  It stands on its pommel, blade up. and is enough of an object d’art that it can be displayed on the countertop and ready for instant use to spread butter, jam, or a nice melted brie.

My mother is a peanut butter fiend. She also has a PhD in Art History and is one of those difficult people to buy gifts for. When I came across this knife in the course of my daily content trolling, I knew I had a home run gift for her birthday this year.

I ordered the knife and it arrived within a week. She’s visiting this week and I had a chance to present it to her. I then immediately absconded with the knife to the kitchen where I proceeded to photograph and spread some peanut butter on a piece of homemade bread.

DSC_7009 - Copy

The knife is everything I hoped it would be.  It spreads peanut butter much more effectively than a standard table knife from the silverware drawer, and stands freely both clean and covered in peanut butter.  It has a pleasant weight in the hand, even if it is somewhat unconventionally balanced.

Most importantly, Mom likes it for both its form and its function.  Mission Accomplished.

DSC_7010 - Copy

The IPAC Standing Knife is an attractive piece of design that functions as advertised.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Ya know, I gots a lot of saucers in my kitchen cabinets; I think I’ll use them and save me $28 +S&H.

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Obscure Object of Desire/Knife Review: IPAC Standing Knife

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