Obscure Object Of Father’s Day Desire: Boker 2012 Annual Damascus Collector’s Knife

Image courtesty Boker USA

Bokers are the pre-1990 Mercedes-Benzes of the knife world: endlessly elegant and meticulously well-built. And, when you’re talking about real Bokers from Solingen, Germany, expensive (or exclusive, if you prefer). Each year Boker offers a limited number of Annual Damascus Collector’s Knives, classic and beautiful objets d’art which only go up in value. Boker’s 2013 model is selling for $520, while it lasts. But check the title of this post again. No that year isn’t a typo . . .

Optics Planet has a handful of last year’s Boker Annual Damascus Collector’s Knives, for the bargain-basement price of $340 (click here for the link). So now might be the time to drop the hint that nothing says ‘Father’s Day’ quite like a pocketful of finely-crafted Solingen Damascus steel.

It’s too late for me, my friends. My knife budget is way blown already and I’ll be lucky to get a new pack of Bic disposable razors for Father’s Day. But it might not be too late for the rest of you.


  1. Aharon says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful knife.

  2. revjen45 says:

    That is an exquisite piece of cutlery. I’m afraid I could not leave it in the safe. Beautiful old guns were made to be shot; Indian motocycles (no, that’s not an error – it’s how they spelled it) were made to be ridden, and a knife like that was made to be held and used for the rest of some blade lover’s life.

  3. Mike L says:

    Call me crazy but did Optics Planet drop the price on the 2012 folder? It nows shows for $269….

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Obscure Object Of Father’s Day Desire: Boker 2012 Annual Damascus Collector’s Knife

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