Obscure Objects Of Desire From Hardpoint Equipment: Boutique Tactical Collectibles Gear


Buck Knives’ heat-treat guru Paul Bos isn’t a one-band man. His heat-treating company does side projects too, and he knows how to harden more than just 420HC. This is the pistol-gripped S30V ‘Manticuda’ push dagger, which Bos hardens for Hardpoint Equipment. But there’s more…

Image courtesy Hardpoint EquipmentHe also does the heat treat for this ‘Rhino Horn’ tactical folder in S30V and G-10. I like the looks of these blades, because they’re a bit different from a typical tactical Wharnecliffe or Cold Steel push dagger without being freakishly Baroque or futurist.

Prometheus magnum

Hardpoint Equipment ‘Prometheus Magnum’ Fixed-Blade

About the only thing I’d change about these knives is, sadly and inevitably, their $275 to $395 price tags. Exotic steels, Paul Bos heat-treatment, and super-glossy photography doesn’t come cheap, and that demotes these knives (or elevates them, YMMV) from knives I’d actually buy to unattainable ‘Obscure Object Of Desire’ status.


  1. Aharon says:

    Top pic looks like the letter A missing its left leg.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    The push dagger looks completely inappropriate for any situation I’d ever find myself. The Rhino Horn, however…

    1. Derek says:

      Idk. 4″ long and 3.4″ wide would make a cavernous wound if you buried that in someone. I think it would make a GTFOM weapon from hell.


      Granted, Idk how one would carry it. Maybe on their hip opposite their gun? Behind the mag carrier?

    2. jwm says:

      That push dagger would only be appropriate at a Klingon wedding. Rhino horn has possibilities. But too pricey for a cheap old guy like me.

  3. Sam L. says:

    Looks cool, but I find no desire in me for it.

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Obscure Objects Of Desire From Hardpoint Equipment: Boutique Tactical Collectibles Gear

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