Obscure Objects Of Desire: George Muller Custom Folders. Wow.

Image courtesy Paragon SportsGeorge Muller is a member of the South African Knifemaker’s Guild, and his works are exquisite and collectible works of art. This one in particular features a Damas steel blade, jasper stone scales, and bolsters made from solid meteoric iron. That’s right, fantasy fans: sky metal!But even more lovely to my untrained eye is another of his custom designs.

Image courtesy Blink KnivesI saw this knife on Twitter, sponsored by Blink Knives. All of Muller’s knives sell for $700 and up, but I’ve been able to learn absolutely nothing else about it.




  1. Chaz says:

    Searching I came across another Muller, Muller Forge, a USA maker of interesting looking knives.

  2. Roy says:

    I may be overly narrow minded about this, but as much as I appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making something like that, at the end of the day, a knife is a tool. To borrow from a theme, Col. Townsend Whelen said “Only accurate rifles are interesting”. To me, only useful knives are interesting.
    Damned pretty, though.

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Obscure Objects Of Desire: George Muller Custom Folders. Wow.

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