Obscure Object(s) Of Desire: W.R. Case Sample Case

Image courtesy Case KnivesCase pocketknives are fabulously well-made, have a long history, and are collected by swarms of knife enthusiasts. The official Case Knives Collector’s Club has over 19k active members (yes, for real) and it’s the largest knife collector’s club anywhere. If you’ve got the same itch they do, you can become an instant Case collector with this Case salesman sample kit.

$1700 gets you 24 classic Case pocketknives, all ready for display or travel in a lovely leather-and-velvet traveling salesman’s kit. I’m not sure what I’d do with two dozen Case knives, but I could probably spend several contented days just handling and looking at them.


  1. The Smiling Swordsman says:

    I want it!

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Obscure Object(s) Of Desire: W.R. Case Sample Case

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