Ohio Principal demoted for irresponsible knife use

An Ohio school Principal, Jim Penk, was demoted to Assistant Principal…for actually brandishing a knife in a school in a threatening manner. Meanwhile we have seen countless examples of students suspended for innocently forgetting about a slipjoint in a backpack.

From WKBN.com

According to documents related to the internal investigation, Penk was accused of showing a rusty butcher knife to the school’s choir director after saying he didn’t want to hear anything more about a concert. He showed her the knife after saying he may have to throw things at her, according to the documents. The choir director’s supervisor reported the incident on March 8, saying the choir director was upset by the incident.

Attorney Scott Essad, who represented Penk in the case, said the woman wasn’t upset by the knife, however. She was only upset that she had been ignored by Penk.

“If you were to categorize this situation, the way you would summarize it is, it’s a bad joke by James Penk and a huge overreaction by Mr. Colaluca,” he said.

Superintendent Vince Colaluca began investigating the incident after the supervisor’s report.

According to the documents provided by the school district, Penk also pulled out the butcher knife when he was with other employees.

One employee said Penk showed the knife to him years ago. The documents said he called the incident “creepy” and reported it to Barb Tomic, the president of the Austintown Teachers Union. He said Tomic responded by saying, “That’s just Penk,” according to the documents.

Zero Tolerance must not apply to idiotic administrators apparently.

Law are for the little people. Again. Still.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Rusty knives ARE more threatening.

  2. Chase M. says:

    I wonder if I should bring this guy next time I have to deal with Comcast customer service….

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Ohio Principal demoted for irresponsible knife use

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