On Wisconsin! Preemption and Switchblade legalization bill clears assembly


Bucky approves.

The Wisconsin Assembly approved AB 142, a bill which will remove restrictions on switchblades, concealed carry of knives, and state-level knife law preemption by a voice vote on Oct. 27.

From KnifeRights.org:

October 27, 2015: Knife Rights’ Wisconsin Knife Law Reform Bill including Knife Law Preemption, AB 142, has passed the Assembly by a voice vote.

AB 142 removes all restrictions on switchblades and concealed carry of knives from Wisconsin statutes with the single exception that a person who is prohibited under state law from possessing a firearm may not go armed with a concealed knife that is a “dangerous weapon.” Knife Law Preemption means that all laws more restrictive than the new state law will be voided and knife law will be consistent throughout the state.

An amendment was added to AB 142 that retains political subdivisions’ ability to “[prohibit] the possession of a knife in a building, or part of a building, that is owned, occupied, or controlled by the political subdivision.”

The Senate version of this bill, SB 102, has passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety and we expect a vote of the full Senate in the coming days.

Knife Rights would like to thank the primary sponsor of AB 142, Representative Kathleen Bernier, for her hard work and leadership in getting this Knife Reform Bill passed in the Assembly. Kudos also to her co-sponsors Representatives Joel Kleefisch, James Edming, Bob Gannon, Cody Horlacher, Chris Kapenga, Jesse Kremer, Scott Krug, Thomas Larson, Jeffrey Mursau, John Murtha, Keith Ripp, Jeremy Thiesfeldt and Paul Tittl. We sincerely appreciate their support

You can read more about the Wisconsin bill here.  I am sure Doug will let us know if the bill runs into any Senate snags and if your help is needed. In the mean time, you can contact your federal representatives and ask them to support the Knife Owner Protection Act (KOPA), which will protect law-abiding knife owners who must transit states and municipalities with more restrictive knife laws.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Badgers with knives? Overdue!

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On Wisconsin! Preemption and Switchblade legalization bill clears assembly

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