One Contest Ends…Another Begins.


The Weather-Guessers were right. We got a pretty legit ice-storm.

I am going to plainly state that this isn’t going to be my greatest post ever. I am leaving for the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in the morning and had to chisel my boat and truck out from under an inch of ice.We made it through the ice storm just fine. Despite hearing at least one exploding transformer, and there being a peak of 30k+ without power around us, ours stayed on. However,  Things 1&2 were home from school so my packing and writing plans got pushed off until now.


The winning tweet.


Since the #BeerDefender contest deadline passed last night at midnight, I feel I should at least announce the winners of the top two prizes. I would like to thank Jake Middleton/@AmericanRugGear for his multiple Twitter entries. Since I have been digging out today, and am definitely in need of a beer, I am going to declare Jake’s Photo and Tweet the winner of the Wilmont Knives Beer Defender, courtesy of Empire Outfitters.


More snow than I had to deal with, so he must be thirsty.


For the first runner up, I am going to go with reader “cmeat”‘s double haiku and limerick entries. He wins the Empire Outfitters t-shirt:

bread soup ferments now
access too often denied
imbibing granted

my beer’s often sealed with a cap
when it’s not coming out of a tap
this defender of beer
when it finally gets here
may prevent it from tasting like crap

I have enough swag that all entries are going to get at least some stickers. Many of you will get patches, one of a couple of knives, a Kershaw opener, and a few other items. I will be contacting you all in the coming days, and will recognize you in a later post.


You get swag…you get swag…EVERYONE gets swag!!!!


This leads me to our next contest. The big one. This isn’t the completely formal announcement, because I am still trying to line up prizes. However, I promise that the grand prize will be a minimum of $75, and there will be at least $50 in runner up prizes. Even if I have to put the money up myself. This contest is for real, and I want to make sure that our prizes reflect this. I would love to call it the “Hot Stove, Cold Steel essay contest”, but I am yet to hear back from them.

At any rate, here is an opening call for reader submissions. I am going to count Jon M.’s first post, because it took place before he was formally brought on as a writer. I have another reader submission lined up for while I am away. I am looking forward to what you all submit.

Entries can be reviews, political/editorial, a personal knife story, or pretty much anything you wish that is in the ballpark of our scope. Please submit in a common format (google drive is preferable) to

Have at it folks. More details to come.


Asheville bound.




  1. Much Appreciated Clay! Enjoy the Orvis Rendezvous and drive safely!

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One Contest Ends…Another Begins.

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