One sharp knife…

My buddy sent me the above video and I had to do a little digging for context, but holy crap! That is an incredibly sharp knife.

It is a Kotetsu knife by Shibata Knife Company in Japan (the site is in English). It is apparently named for the first Japanese ironclad warship.

From Shibata Knives:

“I had my new knife. Now I wanted to give it a name. The shape eminded me of something…what was it?

The Kotetsu

Japan’s first ironclad ship. Her name means, literally, “Ironclad.” The Kotetsu had a very unusual bow. It looks like my knife.And the Kotetsu was the first in her class, and she used a pioneering, “cutting-edge” design – just like my knife.

The Kotetsu was formidable – just like my knife. And the Kotetsu was ironclad – somewhat like my knife. My knife is actually steel clad with steel. Inside I put SG-2 stainless powder steel. Outside, I have clad it with stainless steel sides. This 2-steel combination is easier to sharpen, and it keeps its edge better, and it resists damage better.”

You can read more about the warship Kotetsu here. Because it is Saturday and why not? I am always fascinated by the rabbit holes I end up diving down.




  1. Mike says:

    These Japanese are amazing… Did you know that ‘Kotetsu’ is actually a small sword carried by the samurai along with the other one?

    These guys never joke!

  2. gerald brennan says:

    Huh. Excellent “Cutting Stuff Up” porn.

  3. cmeat says:

    one of these could replace the axo santoku i bought at marshalls for 9 bucks.

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One sharp knife…

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