Ontario Knife Company Expanding U.S. Manufacturing, Hiring New Workers


As we saw at BLADE Show 2015, some of the new Ontario Knife Company products coming down the pipeline are very interesting. It is good to see their lineup expanding and I’m glad to see the company is still dedicated to manufacturing their products in the USA.

Last summer, Ontario Knife Company broke ground on an expansion to their Franklinville, NY production facility, with the promise of additional jobs to follow. On top of the 70 people already employed there, OKC is now looking to fill up to 20 positions for manufacturing jobs.

From the Buffalo Business Journal, One year after groundbreaking, Ontario Knife adding jobs:

A year after breaking ground on a $4.4 million, 28,000-square-foot expansion in Franklinville, Ontario Knife Co. has hired additional full-time workers and is looking to add more.

The company, founded in 1889, has a five-year plan to consolidate operations into one building and one floor while investing in updated equipment to expand production

A company spokeswoman said that the company’s head count was around 54 in 2013. Newest staff members filled positions in quality, production planning, purchasing and machining. The company is still hiring, she said, for about 20 manufacturing positions.

As a buyer who prefers American made cutlery, it is good to hear that Ontario is investing in their US operations. I was a fan of Camillus before they went bankrupt and closed their New York factory, so it is good to see some growth in the region!


  1. I really like Ontario products, but many of them that they make in New York State are in fact not legal to own in NY. (Example, anything over 4 inches, although this occasionally varies by county and can get even shorter)

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Ontario Knife Company Expanding U.S. Manufacturing, Hiring New Workers

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