Open Thread 1/14/18 (UPDATED)

Howdy folks. As promised, here is an update to last night’s post. Newest links at the top, original post below.




MORE LISTICLES: Everyday Commentary’s Top Gear of 2017.


GHASTLY: Travel agent stabbed to death at work in front of customers

Police have launched a murder investigation after a woman died after a horrific attack inside the travel agents where she worked.

The incident happened in front of shoppers. Some witnesses said they saw the woman being carried out by paramedics after the attack and that her “throat had been slit.

It appears to have been domestic in nature.



Whoa wait a minute! lol. This elderly altercation just got real.

Posted by Kevin Wilson on Friday, January 12, 2018


FROM BLADE HQ: Why you should wear a neck knife


FROM KNIFENEWS: 10 Biggest Knife Shows of 2018




WICKED AWESOME: Somerville (MA) Is Getting an Ax-Throwing Bar Because of Course It Is

Insert drunken Bostonian with Axe joke here.


ROBERT YOUNG PELTON IS NOT IMPRESSED: A primer on “tactical pen” use. It looks well thought out, but I agree with RYP (This was from his FB page), “tactical pens” are of dubious utility



That is all for now. I have a couple of more pieces which are going to be standalone posts. Have a great evening folks.




As Napoleon said, “Ask me for anything but time”. There is never enough time to cover everything that comes across my screen, tips via email from readers, and other sources, and thus the Open Thread was born. So here is a smorgasbord of links for your browsing enjoyment.

FROM LAST STAND AT ZOMBIE ISLAND: (See image above) A couple of historic Brazilian bayonets to add to his collection.

Behold, I give you a pair of pre-WWI stickers for the M1908 Mauser rifle produced for Brazil by DWM in Imperial Germany.

As a bit of a backgrounder, the Brazilians loved them some Mauser bolt guns. They started with the M1904 Mauser-Vergueiro rifle then went all-in with the Model 1908 rifle, similar to the Gew.98 with a 29-inch barrel. After WWI, in the 1930s Brazil bought the unlicenced Czech 08/34, a K98k clone with a 22-inch barrel chambered in 7mm as well as genuine Oberndorf-built M1935s.

Some interesting history.


THIS COULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED DIFFERENTLY: Angry mom pulls knife on teens who bullied her son

Olga Cortez is accused of following her son’s bus to Coulwood Middle School in Charlotte and then reporting the two suspected bullies to school staff.

Cortez reportedly became irate after one of the boys reportedly assaulted her physically, at which point she took out a knife and began thrashing it through the air, according to police. School employees were able to get control of Cortez, who later put the knife in her vehicle.

It is believed no one was physically injured from the knife.

Police responded to the school after a 911 caller reported a woman with a knife was on the school campus. Authorities charged Cortez with three counts of assault using a deadly weapon and one count of possessing a weapon at a school.

The two alleged bullies were charged with simple assault and public affray; Cortez’s son also was charged with public affray, WCNC-TV reports. Cortez was released from jail on Friday evening and her son was suspended.


I DON’T THINK ANY LISTICLE TITLED “BEST SELF DEFENSE KNIVES” SHOULD BE 50% FOLDERS: That said, the folders chosen are of high quality.


KNIFE FREE ZONE: Inmate knife fight sparks lockdown at jail


REALLY TINY SPYDERCO: via Spydercollector

The story is at the link


COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC: Watch: Alligators Survive Cold Snap in Weird Way

Whack a mole anyone?


FROM BLADE HQ’s KNIFEBLOG: 5 Classic Ways to Test Sharpness

“Dull knives that have to saw through will leave rougher edges and broken spirits.”


OR YOU COULD BUY A SHARPMAKER: Watch Woodworker Create Homemade Knife Sharpener


THE STORY OF THIS REALLY COOL BLADE: From Bladesmith Kevin R. Cashen

First link is the story, second is to Cashen Blades. Kevin is an ABS Master Smith. Of course a photo that amazing had to be taken by SharpByCoop.


And strangely enough, I am out of time. I have a bunch more to get to, so I will definitely update later this evening.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


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Open Thread 1/14/18 (UPDATED)

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