Open Thread: 1/30/18

I don’t know who this kid is, but he has his priorities straight.

Howdy folks. I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. Between covering SHOT Show and taking a little personal time, things have piled up. I am going to try to clear the decks a bit, so here we go…


NYC GETS AN AXE-THROWING BAR: DA Cyrus Vance is too busy burning Weinstein cash to comment.


TEACH YOUR CHILDREN: Child aged FOUR caught in school armed with a knife

The case was uncovered during a study that showed 4,290 children had armed themselves with knives in the 12 months ending last June. The figure was up by nearly two-thirds on 2013.

Det Supt Dennis Murray stressed the incident involving the four-year-old was likely to be a one-off. But the serving officer of 32 years urged parents to keep track of missing household implements that could be used as a weapon.

Ya’ think?




IT’S THE CRIMINALS, STUPID: Two cops hurt while arresting knife-wielding man on subway

Two police officers were injured early Tuesday when they responded to a report of a fight in a Manhattan subway station and discovered a man with a knife, authorities said Tuesday.

Police responded to a call of a fight on the F-line platform of 14th Street station near Sixth Avenue around 2 a.m. When they arrived, they found a man holding a large knife and making threats, police and law enforcement sources said.

The knife-wielding man followed the officers’ orders to put down the knife, but resisted arrest, injuring the two cops in the process.

Being New York, it is lucky the police weren’t forced to shoot any innocent bystanders.



WASN’T HER 15 MINUTES UP A LONG TIME AGO? : Tonya Harding’s Friend Claims ‘She’s Lying’ About Steak Knife Incident

Former Olympic skater Tonya Harding alleged her mother abused her as a child, and even threw a knife at her once.

But Harding’s former high school best friend, Jenna Halase, exclusively told Radar the former skater is not giving the honest version of the story.


DO YOU WANT MORE KNIFE-CRIME, BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU GET MORE KNIFE-CRIME: Daughter who tried to stop her mum’s killer by wrestling bloody knife from her hands slams ‘lenient’ sentence

5.5 years for killing someone over a £10 debt? Seems legit.




ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Can a $25 steel helmet stop a throwing axe?


KNIFE HISTORY: German Lever-locks

A large variety of folding knives were produced in Germany during the post-WWII period.  Many of these knives were tailored for use by hunters and campers.  Commonly, these hunting knives were advertised under various German names like SpringerSpringmesserJagdspringmesser, or Federmesser.  These knives were manufactured in the millions and exported to other parts of Europe as well as to South and North America.  Among U.S. outdoorsmen and collectors, this knife became known as the Leverlock.  It was a very popular knife that sold in great numbers; every cutlery shop, distributor, hardware store, and retailer sold these popular Leverlocks.  They were available in different scale materials, bolsters, sizes, and with various cutlery markings on the tang or blade. Many of the vintage Leverlocks also have ‘SPRINGER’ stamped on the bottom bolster, with some variation in the letter size and style.

The Leverlock model has a long history, with applicable German patents (DRP, Deutsches Reichspatent) and patent registrations (DRGM, Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster) by Wilhelm Weltersbach (1882, #20316; 1897, #73661), Otto Schallbruch (1934, #35274), Anton Wingen Jr. (1956, #1715228), and Günter O. Melcher (1959, #1790344), to mention a few.  With roughly a hundred known tang stamps, a few different sizes, varieties of blade, lever shapes, liners, bolster shapes, bolster stamps, bails, and groove markings; there is a lot of variation in the Leverlock models.

Read the whole thing.



Lynn Thompson likes his meat.


A REALLY WELL DONE REVIEW OF THE BARK RIVER V-44 BOWIE: Read the whole thing, or watch the video.




  1. Skinnedknuckles says:

    Talk about slanting the article from the get-go: “Child aged FOUR caught in school armed with a knife.” I’ve carried a knife almost all my life and I never considered myself “armed” with a knife. I carry a tool and I use it many times every day. I suspect that four-year-old was not “armed” either, but it sounds so much scarier than “brought a pocket knife to school.” This is the kind of wording from the media that damages us every day.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Interesting items!

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Open Thread: 1/30/18

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