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Good evening folks. I have been late in getting this out, so I packed it extra-full. Enjoy…

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SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DEFENSIVE GUN USE: Bikini Barista assaulted by knife wielding scumbag.

From Daily Mail UK:

The shocking video shows the man grabbing Guinto and putting the knife to her throat before eventually dragging her to her feet and forcing her to climb through the window.

Guinto said he took her down a dark alley and tried to rape her.

‘He told me that if I didn’t get out of the stand he would kill me and when he said that he pressed (the knife) closer to my throat,’ she told KVAL of the attack.

‘I want people to know I put up a fight.’

Guinto said her survival instincts kicked in and she did everything she could to fight back.

‘As he’s choking me, I’m shrugging my shoulders to keep the air coming into my lungs and I’m searching for a knife.

‘I’m doing everything I can to stall him. I’m dragging my feet. I’m giving him dead body weight so it’s not easy for him to just walk him over into my death.

‘I was just like, ‘Oh God why isn’t anyone pulling up’.’

Should have been a defensive gun use, but kudos to Ms. Guinto for fighting back. The perp has since been arrested.



The voting is over, and the knife nuts have spoken: The CRKT Caligo will be the official knife of BLADE Show 2018.

That means you’ll be able to pick up a special edition of this hot knife at soon. Each Caligo will be serialized and sport the BLADE Show logo.

THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: His dad told him to pull up his pants. The son pulled a knife

A male student was arrested in Los Banos on Friday morning after pulling a knife on his father, the Los Banos Police Department reported.

The student, who was in the Merced County Office of Education’s Sierra Program, was with his father at a meeting with a teacher at about 9:15 a.m. at Los Banos High School, police said. An argument erupted after the father told his son “to pull up his pants,” and then he pulled a pocket knife on him and fled the campus on foot.




WEAR THIS ON 1 WRIST, AND AN OUTDOOR EDGE ON THE OTHER: The outdoor Element Survival Bracelet

First, the Kodiak’s clasp is Fire Starting Buckle Outdoor Element has designed and has a patent pending for. It incorporates ferrocerium, or ferro rod, and a hardened stainless steel striker so you’ll always have the means of making a spark in the palm of your…uh…wrist.

Second, embedded in the Kodiak bracelet’s 10′ of paracord are 2 strands of 20-pound fishing line, and a third strand of fire tinder. Outdoor Element has braided in a fishing hook for use with the former too.



Fight the patriarchy.


ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG! : Small kitchen knife found in girls locker room

A group of students told a physical education teacher they had found the knife at approximately 1:15 p.m., Tyngsborough police said in a statement released Thursday.

The teacher located the knife and notified the school resource officer.

Officials searched the locker room and didn’t find any other dangerous items, the statement said.

Look in the closet dummy, it is full of aluminum bats.



From LastStandonZombieIsland

During the colonial wars before the Revolution, Ranger patrols, often led by sergeants, performed valuable scouting missions for the British regulars trying to capture Canada from the French. Such military operations in heavily forested North America differed from Old World linear tactics.

As opposed to their European NCO counterparts, who were used primarily to prevent straggling and maintain fire discipline, American NCOs had the opportunity to demonstrate small-unit leadership skills and independent judgment. Here Rangers, including an American sergeant about to set off on a raiding mission into French territory, discuss their mission with a regular sergeant of the British Army.

Eighteenth-century uniforms derived from contemporary civilian clothing on both sides of the Atlantic. British coats, waistcoats, and knee breeches were made of red cloth, the “national color” (leading to the nickname “lobsterbacks”). Long leggings or gaiters protected the legs. Variation in “facings” (cuffs, lapels, and lining) and the lace around the buttonholes distinguished different regiments. The British regular sergeant shown here is distinguished from private soldiers by the sash with facing stripe worn around his waist, and by the European halberd he carries instead of a musket-the halberd being more of a badge of office than a true weapon.

American Provincial units’ uniforms appeared similar, but differed in color — either blue or, in the case of the Rangers, green. Wilderness conditions caused practical modifications, such as discarding the standard cocked hat in favor of headgear less prone to get in the way in the woods. The longer European coat was replaced by a shorter jacket, and shoes and gaiters were abandoned in favor of moccasins and Indian cloth leggings.

NCOs in this era were distinguished from privates by having better — quality uniforms. The Ranger sergeant wears worsted cording (instead of the even more ornate silver that an officer would wear) around his buttonholes. He is armed, like his men, with a cut-down musket and a tomahawk, which the Rangers favored instead of traditional European edged weapons.


I AM A FAN OF S35VN: Cold Steel to Switch from CTS-XHP to S35VN

Today, Cold Steel announced that it will be transitioning all products that currently use CTS-XHP steel to S35VN. The company cited challenges sourcing the Carpenter-produced CTS-XHP as the primary motivator for the switch.

While pleased with the steel’s performance they say S35VN offers the same strength, durability, and edge retention properties that are associated with CTS-XHP. Cold Steel will phase in the new blade material and they expect the process to take less than a year overall.

CTS-XHP made its first appearance in the Cold Steel lineup in 2015, after the company answered fans’ request for a steel upgrade over their then-standard AUS-8. That change set the bar for all mid-range Cold Steel products for the next three years. It came with a bump up in cost, but Cold Steel says the move to S35VN won’t affect prices. “We feel we can deliver the same, great quality products to our customers sooner and for the same price, by using American CPM-S35VN steel,” they wrote.



 Police in San Francisco say a 38-year-old man is in critical condition after being attacked with a hatchet.

San Francisco police say the man was walking home Tuesday in the Tenderloin neighborhood when the suspect yelled at him and attacked him with a hatchet.

Police did not release a motive in the attack. The Tenderloin neighborhood near San Francisco’s City Hall has a large population of homeless and people addicted to drugs.

Should have been a defensive gun use.



Double Blade Sword Saw

The Double Blade Sword Saw cuts through brick like a slice of cake. Pretty soothing to watch.

Posted by Cheddar on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Not really, but imagine what Lynn Thompson could do with this…


That’s all for tonight.  Have a great week everyone.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Not My Thing: NOT an Every Day Carry item. And the sheath!! Boy, would THAT be expensive!
    S35VN: LA Police Gear have a knife (TFBK) with a blade made of that for $35 (plus shipping).
    That sword saw is impressive!

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Open Thread 3/3/18

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