Oregon Knife Makers Pin Hopes on TSA Knife Regs

CRKT Pazoda 2 (courtesy crkt.com)

When Uncle Sam decided that blades of any size, shape, dimension or character couldn’t fly on planes, the pocket knife business took a nosedive. The TSA confiscated hundreds of thousands, if not millions of “illegal” pocket knives. Other “secure facilities” (e.g. courthouses, schools, etc.) followed suit. “We lost about 10 years’ worth of traction,” Rod Bremer told oregonlive.com. The president and founder of Columbia River Knife and Tool highlighted the decline in the number of knife-and-cutlery shops nationally and bemoaned his company’s lost revenue. Jake Nichol, chief executive of Portland’s Leatherman Tool Group, is equally bummed . . .

“We lost a lot of sales.”

The TSA’s recent decision to allow blades up to 2.4″ signaled a pocket knife and tool renaissance and put the U.S. in line with European regs. But the ruling fell afoul of fear and political correctness.

As regular readers no doubt know, the TSA’s top blue-shirted goons have officially delayed implementation of the new knife regs.. In other words, it’s DOA. As are plans to ramp-up the pocket knife biz.

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Oregon Knife Makers Pin Hopes on TSA Knife Regs

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