Our first ever live-stream: BLADE Show 2017 preview

Posted by The Truth About Knives on Thursday, June 1, 2017

David and I love watching the TM Hunt Facebook fan group live-stream on Monday nights. Mostly it just just Todd and his apprentice Rick Bain drinking beer and razzing each other while talking about knives.

Since David is spending the night at my house on his way down to Atlanta for the Blade Show, we decided on trying our own live stream. Check it out in the post above.

Sorry about the occasional flakiness of the video. Tennessee is a 3rd world country internet wise.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and said hello while we were live. I especially want to give a shout to my friends Zach and Drew, and several of David’s LT Wright “Pout House” friends who commented while we were streaming.

As we asked in the video: “What do you want us to highlight in our coverage of BLADE Show 2017?” Please let us know in the comments.



  1. Chase M. says:

    I missed the live stream last night, so i’ve been watching it today to catch up. I have to +1 Mr. Anderson on the Spyderco sharpmaker. I’ve had one for just about as long as he has, since about 2001, dragged it through three states, sharpened many things, and even used the stones to do some gun part polishing as well. This sharpener is just as David stated, not a sharpener to re-bevel a knife, but to hone the edge and keep a knife very sharp. I find that a good addition to it is a rust eraser (https://www.knifecenter.com/item/UC135A/super-rust-and-tarnish-eraser-one-eraser-block) . Almost a must if you have ceramic stones of any kind. I promise you don’t know you want one until you have to clean your ceramic stones. My sharpening kit at this point is a spyderco sharpmaker, DMT folding diamond sharpeners in extra fine, fine, and coarse (for re-beveling, or heavily dulled knives), and a cheap cloth and leather strop. This set sharpens everything I’ve ever bought.

    1. Sweet. Thanks for watching. And yeah. The Sharpmaker is the way to go.

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Our first ever live-stream: BLADE Show 2017 preview

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