Outwit The Dimwitted Hoplophobes: Spyderco Kiwi

Image courtesy Spyderco

We’ve covered the UK’s barmy knife laws here before. Over the last century, the ‘democracy without a constitution’ across the pond has eroded and abrogated its subject’s right of self-defense until there’s basically nothing left.

The Spyderco Kiwi is bloody tiny, but it’s a handy and elegant way to take advantage of what few knife rights Britons still possess.


It’s an odd-looking knife, which should surprise no-one because it comes from Spyderdo after all. But that odd folded shape (which reminds me of a seagull sleeping with its beak tucked into its feathers) has a purpose.

Locking blades cannot be carried in the UK, so Spyderco had to innovate: the Kiwi’s deep choil prevents the slip-joint blade from snapping shut on your fingers, and the second deep finger groove maximizes your grip on the absurdly small handle.

And I mean absurdly small for an EDC knife. The whole thing is less than 5.5″ long when opened, and that cute little Wharnecliffe blade is only 2.5″ long. Just tiny enough to slip under the UK’s knife radar. Probably.

Various versions of the Kiwi have been made, from the base $25 8Cr13MoV model shown here to small runs of VG-10 and even S30V models with more exotic grip materials. If your travels take you to the Land of Hope and Glory, check one out.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    I think that’s a nice looking knife.

  2. daveinwyo says:

    First spyderco I’ve seen that might be worth owning. Not for EDC, but for “dress up” clothes where my Leek would be too big/obvious. But then I have small SAKs and Bucks for that, so maybe not. Interesting shape though.

  3. Paul B says:

    Looks like a good deep carry to me. If it does not set off the weenie radars so much the better.

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Outwit The Dimwitted Hoplophobes: Spyderco Kiwi

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