Oxford medical student dodges jail-time for stabbing boyfriend

Med Student, and party-drug aficionado ,Lavinia Woodward, received a suspended sentence for stabbing her boyfriend.

The coked-up British med student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife has, as was predicted, avoided any jail time because it might damage her career prospects. Because the National Health Service must be so hard up for potential heart-surgeons that they will take anyone apparently. Or something.

From The National:

The case has aroused much media attention in the United Kingdom because the judge hearing the case had suggested at an earlier hearing that Ms Woodward could avoid the possibility of jail time because he didn’t want to impact on her career prospects – she is studying to become a heart surgeon.

This led some British newspapers to claim that Ms Woodward was receiving special treatment because of her connection to Oxford, which last month was named the best university in the world in an authoritative study. The Sun, a downmarket tabloid, wrote that she was “too brainy to be jailed.”

She is currently studying at Oxford’s historic Christ Church college and has had articles published in medical journals. A friend told The Sun: “[The university] see her as someone worth the risk of having around. She might win a Nobel Prize, she is that intelligent.”

The incident happened on December 30, 2016. The judge said her boyfriend visited her, found out she had been drinking, and called her mother, which infuriated Ms Woodward. He said she then attacked him with a bread knife, stabbing him in the lower leg, before turning the knife on herself. He said the boyfriend intervened to prevent her from harming herself.

Mr Fairclough, 25, who was educated at Cambridge University, told a 999 operator: “I think my girlfriend has taken a lot of drugs and is throwing a lot of stuff around the house.”

This frankly leaves me fairly speechless. As the saying goes, “reality has rendered satire obsolete”.


  1. Sam L. says:

    She sounds like a near-perfect fit for the NHS.

  2. cmeat says:

    ms. woodward is extremely fragile and vulnerable at this moment.
    she can perform surgery on me anytime. cough.

    1. maybe play Doctor, but no surgery please.

      1. cmeat says:

        brain salad surgery.

    2. Hannibal says:

      Ah, we’ve found the gent who will end up in court over such a woman and not be able to understand how he got there. Either as a victim or, just as likely, as a defendant who can’t believe that everyone believes the pretty girl who is lying about him.

      1. cmeat says:

        there? i don’t understand how i got here!

        always make the first call.

  3. dph says:

    Pretty severe looking woman, kind of a Nurse Ratched look.

  4. At the very least this woman needs to be required to take anger management classes and when she joins the dreadful NHS, they need to watch their drugs carefully.

    And yes, this is disgusting. The more privileged someone is, the more likely the legal system is to go soft and squishy, both here and in the UK. Just look at what the two Clintons have gotten away with. If ordinary Americans did one tenth as much, they be doing the perp-walk in orange coveralls.

    A lot of people are getting ticked off at what are less double standards than no standards at all.

    Michael W. Perry, co-author of Lily’s Ride, about a teen girl who takes on the Klan in 1870s North Carolina, armed with a fast horse and a gun.

  5. GVF 1111 says:

    I wonder what the outcome would be had she been a man stabbing his girlfriend.

  6. SDN says:

    I see the Pussy Pass is alive and well.

    1. Wee Liam says:

      **Comment of the month, SDN.

  7. Cadeyrn says:

    They’re really going to turn someone like this loose in the medical system where there are literally all kinds of drugs available? Wow. Just wow.

  8. Roy Haines says:

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  9. rachaellittler says:

    Horror movie…

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Oxford medical student dodges jail-time for stabbing boyfriend

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