Troll Level: Master – Anytown for Knife Safety

In the great meme war between the hoplophobes versus those who wish to keep their naturally-derived and Constitutionally-enshrined right to bear the edged tools of your choosing, there exists a true keyboard warrior. I am referring to the master of snark that is behind the Facebook page “Anytown for Knife Safety“. Riffing off the Nanny-Bloomberg-funded […]

Spree stabbing at Chinese secondary school kills 7

B.b.b.but guns…or something. Seems like draconian restrictions on firearms do not prevent mass killing. Again. Still. This time in China (Again. Still), a 28 year old former student returned to the school in Shaanxi Province and began stabbing students as they departed for home. From BBC: Their preliminary assessment is that he was motivated to […]

Irresponsible Knife Use? Or Pinterest win?

Hey all, I guided yesterday and coached 2 lacrosse games in the evening. I was wrecked by the time the kids went to bed last night and fell behind in writing. In an effort to reset the egg timer I bring you the image above. It just passed my feed this morning and I am […]