TTAK News Digest: UK-free edition

As the editor of a knife blog, it has been an interesting week. It is as if the whole world has woken up to a concept that our Edged Intelligentsia have known for years. When the State is done taking away the guns, it doesn’t stop violence, it just makes victims of the law abiding. […]


I am barely familiar with One America Network. From what I gather it is for people whom Fox News isn’t right wing enough. I don’t know. I don’t really care. I have tuned out of pretty much all televised news. One of their anchors, Liz Wheeler, had a pretty epic rant about Sadiq Khan’s recent […]

One day of UK knife-violence headlines…

In the bizarre, parallel universe known as the United Kingdom, they are having quite the knife-control debate. Shocking absolutely no-one, as authorities have tried to crack down on knives, criminals have switched to bottles of acid. Or cars. Or bombs. Or screwdrivers. Or… I was trawling for news stories for last night’s Link Dump, and […]