Weekend Link Dump part 2:

I promised an update to my prior post, but it was easier to just make a new one. I certainly have enough content for about 3 more in fact.   COMING SOON TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU: Shomer-Tec Prison Pen  prison pens are so named because they are ideal writing utensils for interview rooms, holding […]

Open Thread/ Link Dump 4/6/18

It is the end of the week, and I have probably 3 weeks worth of links to get to. Let’s see how many I can share before I am completely wiped out tonight…   THANKS ANGELA!: Knife Violence on the Rise in Germany. It seems it has gotten so bad that people are actually talking about the […]

Knife Review: Kershaw Atmos

I have never been a flick/flipper guy when it came to knives. I thought it was a bit cheesy and unnecessary. Part of my reluctance rested on the fact I was never that good at it – part of that was because of the knives I had tried. I always thought that if I wanted […]